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  • Do you want to take Samskrit as a language in school? Do you want sharpen the Sanskrit language skills? Do you want to score more marks and be ahead of your friends?
  • Take the confidence booster CBSE 5.0 course.
  • This first level course has 200 + games and starts from the basics and handholds you till you learn to construct sentences.

What you will learn

  • Pronounce the Samskrit letters and words perfectly.

  • Listen to common Samskrit words and sentences

  • Build Samskrit vocabulary of 1000+ words

  • Read and write small sentences and paragraphs and understand their meaning.

  • Speak in simple Samskrit

cbse 10

This course follows the Manika text book of CBSE Board. The course is divided into 2 terms. Helps you develop immense confidence to face exams.

What you will able to do with this course :

  • Never forget Grammar Concepts (explained through our animations).

  • Practice Language Skills ( listening, comprehension, reading and composition)

  • Practice additional exercises along with text book exercises.

  • Chapter wise questions enabling you to prepare for school tests and exams.

  • Mock test and exams.

  • “This product has been discontinued for new purchase because of change in syllabi. Existing customers can continue to use the product”

features and Modes Of Delivery

Schools who are willing to use our e-learning tool in their smart classes please contact Mr. Srinivas Mutalik (srinivas.vyoma@gmail.com)